Sr. Takes first win @ Bear Ridge Speedway in the #54

After an interesting start to our race day Sr. is able to walk away with a win at Bear Ridge Speedway! This has not been accomplished since RIghtSideRacing has been racing. Last year Jr. could only take 2nd or 3rd out of the Ridge.

Jr. did well in his heat race taking 1st, but an early incident on the track during the feature proved disastrous for the #5. He has been fighting an issue with the brakes. If he uses them for some reason the rear of the car launches and when it comes back down it brakes hymen joints and torsion bars.   This week it also took out one of the rear shocks.  Parts are on the way and should be ready for the double header next weekend.

Sr. did horrible in his heat! Couldn’t find a good grove, along with bumping with another driver his rear axle is slightly bent. So just used the heat race to feel out the track. Come  feature time he found a grove and ran the wheels off the car! Now to find another axle and fix the oil leak and he’ll be set for next weekends double header.

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