Back in the drivers seat!

Jr had an invite to drive our friends mini sprint at a Bear Ridge race last weekend, of course he couldn’t pass it up! So the boys busted butt and set the car up for the weight difference and driving style. Off we went to Bear Ridge hoping to place the 44 car of Vickery Racing in the winners circle. Jr is a driver and can adapt to almost anything he is put in or on, but not thus time. He gave me flash backs to his very first ATV race at the age of 4/5 and ran out back … Continue reading Back in the drivers seat!

The RUSH begins!

Here we are mid March and the snow is starting to melt and the days are getting warmer….. time to get some bike building done! Everyone has been busy putting their plans together, getting parts lists done, and submitting them for purchase. There are some BIG things going on for builds this year! Those 250’s the boys were racing one is staying the way it is….. the other 250 is going to pack a punch and make some people a bit pissy. The Banshee is going full bore with full blown race motor, RACE FUEL ONLY! Jr may have his … Continue reading The RUSH begins!

2020 Season recap

With Covid restrictions in our area putting a damper on racing the team went in a different direction for the season. Our racing roots are in ATV flat track racing…. So that’s where we went! Last winter we purchased a few Honda 250x Atv’s. They were not in the best shape and needed work. The boys got 2 of the 3 running and ready to go. First race at NHMX flat track was a blast. A little bit crazy, but still a blast. The mini sprints were out for this trip along with the atv’s. First off there is Justin…. … Continue reading 2020 Season recap

Covid-19 puts hold on racing….

With the 2020 race season scheduled to start soon, car shows and test days were to be on May 2, Covid has put an uncertain hold on racing. Two dirt tracks in two different states, NH as of this writing, has a stay at home order until May 4th. This is expected to be extended by the Governor in the next couple of days.  VT just extended their stay at home order until May 15th.  Once orders are lifted it surely will be with many conditions. Social distancing will be the new normal for the foreseeable future. Until then we … Continue reading Covid-19 puts hold on racing….

Right side racing gone wrong….

Over the winter we picked up an enclosed trailer from a fellow racer. Included was a left side car. The boys decided that the proven antique right side car was in need of some rest and relaxation, so they went to work on the left side car. Jr busted butt to get the motor together, broken in and ready to race. The left side 01 car made its first visit to Bear Ridge Speedway in Bradford VT .It was a bad trip. Right down to tow vehicle problems. Practice laps gave Jr some input on changing the cars set up. … Continue reading Right side racing gone wrong….