The RUSH begins!

Here we are mid March and the snow is starting to melt and the days are getting warmer….. time to get some bike building done! Everyone has been busy putting their plans together, getting parts lists done, and submitting them for purchase. There are some BIG things going on for builds this year! Those 250’s the boys were racing one is staying the way it is….. the other 250 is going to pack a punch and make some people a bit pissy. The Banshee is going full bore with full blown race motor, RACE FUEL ONLY!

Jr may have his hands full possibly racing in 2 different classes. Dad still swears he’s going to race and show the younons how its done, but we have a feeling he will be watching from the staging area. In his own words not but 2 years ago…” I have more fun watching then actually racing.” Although this was said about the mini sprint cars, he is claustrophobic and gets a wee bit anxious in tight enclosed areas. I have a hard time with it also, so once your all tight in the car and get your helmet on everything changes. My famous words when sitting in staging waiting to hit the track were that I was going to puke in my helmet. I never did, thank goodness that would be gross!

I again say I will update more often, but sadly life often gets in the way. Work, home, dogs, kids…. you know how it is. There just are not enough hours in a day, and the grumpy bear that I am I CAN NOT skip out on sleep! I will do my best to keep a better record of the entire build/ race season this year. I don’t pay to have the site and domain sit here idle!

Untill next time, stay warm and healthy!

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