Back in the drivers seat!

Jr had an invite to drive our friends mini sprint at a Bear Ridge race last weekend, of course he couldn’t pass it up! So the boys busted butt and set the car up for the weight difference and driving style.

Off we went to Bear Ridge hoping to place the 44 car of Vickery Racing in the winners circle. Jr is a driver and can adapt to almost anything he is put in or on, but not thus time.

He gave me flash backs to his very first ATV race at the age of 4/5 and ran out back making sure everyone else made it across the finish line safely. He was however able to pull 8th place out of 12 cars in the feature.

A little tuning and digging it was discovered that the motor in the car is very tired and needs some freshening. With 18% leak by it needs some help. So off to the builder it went to come back to life.

The excitement gave way to talks of getting the cars up and running again, or at least 1 of them. The boys really enjoy the cars and as Jr said they are safer than the ATV racing.

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