2020 Season recap

With Covid restrictions in our area putting a damper on racing the team went in a different direction for the season. Our racing roots are in ATV flat track racing…. So that’s where we went!

Last winter we purchased a few Honda 250x Atv’s. They were not in the best shape and needed work. The boys got 2 of the 3 running and ready to go.

First race at NHMX flat track was a blast. A little bit crazy, but still a blast. The mini sprints were out for this trip along with the atv’s.

Justin trying out the car. Took a little bit to get him strapped in.
Andrew taking the car for a spin
Justin in pregrid
William june 27 during practice

First off there is Justin…. 10 year old nephew that ran in the atv 90cc novice class. His first time out he wouldn’t keep his rear on the seat. He finally stayed seated and did well. Most of the time he would take 1st place with 1/4 or more of the track ahead of the other racers. So, he was upgraded the last race to a 200 blaster. With very little practice, out in the woods, he did well his first race with it. He took 4th but will have time to become more comfortable with the bike over the off season.

July 25, 2020
August 8, 2020
Lol Justin is laughing at William for coming in 2nd.

Next up is William. He started out on his own 250x, but umm it be a hunk of turd! No, it’s not but needs some love. He has been slowly working on it. Parts are expensive, when you can find them. Many parts are getting more difficult to find with factory shut downs or limited employees on site. So, he ran Dad’s 250. He always did well, some times taking 1st sometimes 2nd, and sometimes not finishing due to being hit by other less experienced riders. The last race of the season he was running a banshee… wow that was nail biting viewing, as those guys are out for blood.

Jeffery only raced less than a handful of times. He has fun, but it’s just not his cup of tea. He is very much like Dad is and would rather watch and help than race.

We also had a few friends and or their kids join us in the racing fun this season. In laws, would also come to each race. The trailer would be cooking central, soup, burgers, and most importantly HEAT as the weather got cooler.

No one knows what the 2021 season will bring. Covid is still around and not going anywhere for a time. For now we relax for a bit, but be sure as shit the boys will be putting a plan together for upgrades to the bikes and executing them through the winter getting ready to kick some butt next season.

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