Covid-19 puts hold on racing….

With the 2020 race season scheduled to start soon, car shows and test days were to be on May 2, Covid has put an uncertain hold on racing. Two dirt tracks in two different states, NH as of this writing, has a stay at home order until May 4th. This is expected to be extended by the Governor in the next couple of days.  VT just extended their stay at home order until May 15th.  Once orders are lifted it surely will be with many conditions. Social distancing will be the new normal for the foreseeable future. Until then we wait…..

Not much is going on in the shop right now because of the unknowns. There is one car in the works, but it has a little ways to go. Slow and steady to get it ready. Other projects have kept it from being the main focus in the shop. Atv’s being built, and repaired. An antique tractor in for restoration to running, working condition.

We are hopeful that the season is not completely canceled. This season we had 2 dates to race at NHMS, which we were very much looking forward to.  They very recently (last year) opened up a dirt track and the club was able to squeeze two events in with them.

Only time will tell. Stay tuned for updates.

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