Right side racing gone wrong….

Over the winter we picked up an enclosed trailer from a fellow racer. Included was a left side car. The boys decided that the proven antique right side car was in need of some rest and relaxation, so they went to work on the left side car. Jr busted butt to get the motor together, broken in and ready to race.

The left side 01 car made its first visit to Bear Ridge Speedway in Bradford VT .It was a bad trip. Right down to tow vehicle problems. Practice laps gave Jr some input on changing the cars set up. This is the first time we have really messed with a left side car so it’s all trial and error.

Well there was some issues with spinning out. Jr almost ended up on his lid! Thank goodness for a tractor tire and being a little heavy…. he was able to throw his weight to that left side and get the car to ever so gracefully land on all 4. Hit the button and off he went again. However he did get black flagged shortly after. Cause 3 cautions and you get sent to the pits.

Made some more changes and the feature was a little better. He was able to keep it up right and going taking 4th place. Not bad for the first time out in a car that doesn’t have proper set up.

On 8/3 we headed to Rumtown Speedway and things went real bad during the heat race. Jr was holding a solid 2nd place when one of a drivers worst nightmares occurred. The screw that holds the steering rod together fell and hit his leg…. then the lower steering arm! Having no steering or way to avoid other than trying to break hard he hit the wall. He estimated he was doing at least 25-30 when he hit the wall. He is alright, bumped his elbow and got some harness rash, but fine.

Once home and pulled the steering all apart they discovered who ever last had it apart didn’t reinstall correctly and we are lucky it didn’t happen before then.

Waiting for part last to come and it will go back together and hit the track again in a week or two!

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