Nostalgia racing for 2019….

The 2019 race season is a mere week away. This seasons first race has the team at the newly named Rumtown Speedway in Rumney/ Wentworth NH on May 4th.  With the changing of hands we are excited to see what the track has to offer this season. We know Dan has put a lot of work into the facility, and I’m sure it will not go unnoticed.

One change for this season is all events are on Saturday nights. This is great! No needing to get out of work early on Friday ( although it is nice to skip out early on a Friday!) run around crazy nut getting everything loaded and getting on the road in time for the 6pm start time…. with a 2 hour ride, and at least an hour of unload and set up time.

As for the nostalgia racing….. well Jr. is going back into the 54 car for the season.  At the end of last season Sr. earned the nickname ‘wreck it Ralph’.   Last lap of the feature and he decides to try and gain a little. Well, he misjudged how close he was to another car and into a tumble, somersault, corkscrew flip he went! IT was INSANE! img_0593 He was fine, small bruise on his knee the next day, but the car. Yeah, wing flattened, front and rear axles bent, steering rod bent…. a bent up pancake! After the kids and I told him he’s OUT of the car! He could either fix it back to original 1982 condition and use for display, or fix and put someone else in it. He chose to put Jr. back in the car.img_0594



So, we have gone through the tech procedure and ran the car a little. And the motor is severely damaged from the flip. 3 weeks before first race we have been scrambling to get the cylinder honed, the head redone, and a new piston.  Today we finally got the cylinder and head back, so on to assembly and motor sealing. Hoping to have new cam in and get the motor broken in and ready to run Saturday, but not holding our breath.  Most likely wont see the first race, other than as spectators but plan on hitting the track at the next race!

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